Purchase a voucher for a friend or a loved one

Have you been thinking for a while now about how to surprise your loved one?
You would like it to be special and you want to make sure they have a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their birthday, your anniversary, or some other special occasion?
Maybe you simply want to show your gratitude toward someone close to you…
If you are thinking about it, maybe we can help out with our TOURIST GIFT CARD or with our ARRANGEMENT PACKAGE FOR TWO.
In this way, you can solve your dilemma
Don’t you think that a weekend spent with your favorite person by the Tara River would be a unique gift? Special moments only for the two of you, the calming sound of the water flowing by the shores of the deepest canyon in Europe…
This perfect scenario will become true with you as our guests!
With this in mind, we created a special model of our arrangement for two persons. It comes in the form of a gift card and by buying it, you are buying a special opportunity to make someone you love happy…
In this package deal, you get the option of spending two nights and three days in the most authentic piece of nature and you get to share it with somebody special to you.
On top of it all, you get to experience the amazing adrenaline rush of the rafting on the Tara River which is included in the arrangement.
The whole package deal is carefully designed so that your only responsibility is to enjoy yourself.
It includes three daily meals with exceptional traditional cuisine and apartment accommodation with an amazing view of the river and a personal bathroom unit.
Of course, the organization of your rafting is included together with other outdoor field trips, depending on the package arrangement that you’ve decided for.
If we’ve awakened some ideas with our offer and if you like this form of gift arrangement, you are only one step away from making it real. All you have to do is contact us via provided information. 
We are more than happy to help you with your intention to turn this unusual gift  into reality
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