Team Building Activities at camp Encijan


Many of the well-known companies in this region bring their teams here, to Encijan, so they can enjoy, get to know each others and relax. It is a unique experience, in which our team also takes part. Our camp becomes a stress-free zone, thanks to all the positive vibes and great atmosphere.

When It comes to success, we all know that every company relies on Its employees and we know how much it is important that each and every one of them is devoted to his or hers job.  It is important that we all maximize all of our efforts and that can only be achieved If there is a strong relationships between employees and staff. Many companies realized this and they are spending lot of time and effort in order to take care of their employees. Teamwork is the most important thing, and through tasks that require teamwork an individual will realize how important his role really is. If teamwork and positive vibes are always present – success is guaranteed.

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Our agency realized how important this is and we immediately created special programs that include wide variety of activities and tasks that require teams to work together and stay positive all the time. These activities happen in the camp and around it. We believe that only highly motivated teams can make great things happen. Our camp is located near the river, in a peaceful environment, and there are a lot of forest pathways so it is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. Those activities require team members to stay focused all the time and work together. When It comes to food – traditional food is the best option. We have included all kinds of meals specific for this region. At night, dinner and party so that you can recharge your batteries and get ready for  next day. We are working hard to make your stay here as enjoyable as it can be. We can also offer you pickup service from the surrounding cities to our Camp Encijan, and on the following link you can get more information about transportation.

About the agency

We are one of the leading tourist agencies in our country when it comes to adventure tourism. Premium quality of service is what we can offer. Our guests, clients and friends support this claim, and it the reason why many of them come back every year.

Tara rafting camp Encijan is an award winning agency

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We have been receiving positive feedback from our visitors on a regular basis during the past season. Our hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. An award by TripAdvisor – „Certificate of Excellence“ was given to our Agency.

„Certificate of Excellence“ award also serves as a TripAdvisor’s recommendation for all of those visitors who plan on visiting our beautiful country and our lovely little town – Foča. Camp „Encijan“ and Tara river canyon should really be on your checklist for the upcoming season. Check out Tara rafting camp Encijan on TripAdvisor >>

Our friends and guests

Our camp Encijan - Oasis of tranquility and hedonism

Outdoor resort in the very heart of the Tara River Canyon, miles away from modern civilization and at the beginning of the most exciting rafting part of river, there is a place called Brstanovica and Camp Encijan on it, one of the most beautiful camps on Tara river and only one at the Bosnian side of river.

Rafting Camp Encijan has a tradition of over 15 years and thousand of happy tourist per season…Here is one of the last remaining oases of tranquility and hedonism… One of the first camps ever built on the banks of Tara River…

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Camp Encijan

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Choose your ADVENTURE !

According to our many years experience in outdoor tourism, we are able to offer you more variants from our well designed arrangements (or packages) from one day and multiple days adventures tour in our country.

We have created programs which will exceed all your expectations! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, nature lover, history buff or even foodie – do not worry, we have got you covered! Choose a program that fits your personality the best and live through an unforgettable experience!

It`s your choice


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About B&H

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the southeastern Europe, on the Balkans peninsula. Country has beautiful landscapes, rich cultural and historical heritage, picturesque towns, and most important of all, friendly people. The capital is Sarajevo, city is also known as the “Jerusalem of Europe”. Bosnia and Herzegovina can be visited at any time during the year, great opportunities await during both winter and summer season.

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Safety and Skippers

Quality assurances of the agency are 4 golden boats, or high 4 stars All skippers hired by agency Encijan have passed various international trainings and licensed and certified by the IRF (International Rafting Federation), and each of them has multiyear experience in their work and has encountered many trips down the Tara River and most of them consider rafting and adventure as satisfaction and their lifestyle, and then the job.

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You have a group of friends, fellow coworkers or family that you spend a lot of time with? You may want to consider taking a quality group vacation. Encijan tourist agency has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to organizing group trips and vacations. You can even customize your trips to suit all of your needs and interests. With our help, and a little bit of careful planning, we can put together a group vacation that will leave you with nothing but great memories. Feel free to contact us!

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