One day excursions

You and us, we shall go into a little adventure and fearlessly stream our boats down the Tara and its boiling cascades…

Or we go together with you with our backpacks to cruise along one of the most beautiful national parks in The Balkans… And maybe we’ll just get lazy together with you and enjoy the ethnic specialties of our cuisine. It`s your choice…

  • Mysterious river rapids are a real challenge for tourists who seek for an adventure
  • The mysterious and challenging Canyon Nevidio is the right choice for adventurers, adrenaline addicts, brave, persistent and true nature lovers.
  • Enjoy an exciting drive with our jeeps and spend an unforgettable moments in the unique environment
  • Get to know the secrets of nature and a unique ambience that provide one of the fascinating viewpoints which offer an impressive view of the entire Durmitor massif
  • One of the popular packages with unforgettable adventure and pleasant ambyent of the emerald beauty.

To be a part of all this is a state. Experience and love all this is an act. You will bear the state, but the act is up to you!

  • The Durmitor ring, is a long ride around the rough peaks, where the mountain allowed it to settle down, and it is a unique opportunity to capture this incredible beauty
  • If you want to explore this canyon and feel the taste of real adventure, this canyon is a right choice
  • Sail with a boat through the emerald water of the Pivalake.
  • Gain an experience and unforgetable adventure with an exciting driving with our 4×4 vehicles through incredible landscapes and untouched nature.
  • This unique daily tour gives you the opportunity to explore all the canyon beauties that you may not have the opportunity to visit so far.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

  • Rafting with the emerald beauties will leave you speechless because of its nature and attractive beech, and because of thecanyonsurroundings which you will pass.
  • This recreational sport is unique opportunity to knowPiva Lake, emerald water, the largest water reservoir in the Balkans, beautiful nature.
  • Sarajevo, the city where east and west meets, capital and cultural centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • When we say the word Visegrad, the first association is Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize winner and his famous historical novel. “The bridge on the Drina” that wove him into the stars.
  • Mostaris known as a melting pot of cultures and religions, where east meets west and north meets south.

Attractions from our region

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land, has a lot to offer when It comes to tourism. Spacious mountain views, emerald green lakes, beautiful landscape and picturesque towns. West and the East meet here, so you will learn a lot about cultures, traditions and people.

Share what you have learned with your friends at Encijan’s campfire. When It comes to the tours that we organize, here are some destinations that we recommend you to visit

  • Sutjeska National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in this part of Europe, and certainly the most beautiful and diverse.
  • If you are looking for a unique and unusual adventure, dare to walk into the unknown and feel the rush of adrenaline while exploring Tara river canyon ... come with us and conquer the deepest canyon in Europe ...
  • Canyon Nevidio is one of the last discovered canyons in Europe, and It still hasn’t been fully explored. Nevidio is known for It’s wild beauty and an even more unusual name.
  • The most beautiful and largest mountain in Montenegro, which is also a national park. "Durmitor National Park" consists of a massif of Durmitor, the canyons of the rivers Tara, Sušica, Draga and Komarnica. It is known for Its picturesque breathtaking landscapes is a true place of unreal beauty

Additional information

Organic food

Our traditional homemade cuisine and organic food prepared at our Camp Encijan, which we offer as part of our packages, is another reason why most of our long term and satisfied guests wish to visit us again. The huge amounts of our delicious home-made food is prepared with love and in a traditional way, entirely from fresh organic food which we provide from our natural surroundings. In a moment, every new bite know to send you to some other and slightly forgotten dimension, in a time of our grandmother’s cuisine. Our home cuisine is the main reason why our guests decide to come back again and again.

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Camp Encijan has capacity of 100 beds in 15 mountain huts (bungalows). All huts are built entirely from natural materials, breathable and comfortable. Furniture within the bungalow is new. Two mountain houses – chalets (each 55 m2) are fully furnished with new furniture and comprise of bathroom, kitchen and a spacious living room on the ground floor and two double bedrooms in the attic. Toilets, sinks and showers are decently furnished, immaculately clean and fully meet the needs of a modern person.Hot water is available in showers.

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How to reach us

At the border crossing of Scepan Polje, when submitting documents to border police officers, it is necessary to emphasize that you are going to the Tara canyon to Brstanovica. After completing the registration (in case you coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina turn round and turn back only 100 m, and if you are coming from Montenegro, you go only 100 m forward) where you turn off right from the main road and turn on the local asphalt road leading along the river Tara towards Brstanovica. For more information on how to get to us, see the link below.

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