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Arrangement D14 – Visit Visegrad (one day)

Tara rafting camp Encijan - Tara Canyon
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4-6 hours

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Daily Tour

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8 people




When we say the word Visegrad, the first association is Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize winner and his famous  historical novel. “The bridge on the Drina” that wove him into the stars. Visegrad is a small lovely town in Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Višegrad has parlayed this identity into a niche tourist industry by building Andrićgrad, a small but like able mock-historical city core nominally celebrating the author.

The minimum number of participants for this arrangement is 4, and if there is less, please feel free to contact us to check if we can combine your reservation with another group of participants.

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  • The listed hours, as well as the program schedule are changeable according with your needs and requirements.
  • Previous experience unnecessary.
  • The program schedule can be extended or combined with other arrangements from our offer.
  • The offered program can be realized during the week.
  • Payment in KM or €.
  • Unnecessary minimum number of participants for the realization of the arrangement.
  • Discount for group over 10 people.
  • Guaranted maximum security and comfort.
  • Required ID and passport.
  • This program is subject to the GENERAL TRAVEL CONDITIONS of the Encijan Agency in accordance with the Law on Tourism of BiH.


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Trip Plan

After accepting the guests at the agreed location, such as our agency Encijan in the city Foca or our camp in the very heart of the Tara canyon in the morning hours (recommended time between 9h-10h), the next is a transport to the destination.

In Visegrad what we will visit first is the historic monument called Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge. It is a historic bridge in Visegrad, over the Drina River in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina It was completed in 1577 by the Ottoman court architect on the order of the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic. Unesco included the bridge in its 2007 World Heritage List. This story wouldn’t be this much interested unless we don’t mention how Mehmed was taken away at an early age as part of the Ottoman devsirme system of collection of Christian boys to be raised to serve as a janissary. These boys were converted to Islam, raised and educated, but in turn were offered opportunities to work and to rise within the Ottoman imperial system.

After this we are going to visit Andricgrad. Andricgrad is the name of a construction project located in Visegrad, by film director Emir Kusturica. Some of the main objects of Andrictown are: Ivo Andric’s institute with a centre for Slavic languages, Fine arts Academy, Town hall, the Church of Saint Lazar, renaissance theatre, multiplex cinema, accommodation objects and much more. Andrictown attracts tourists from all over the world, as well as people from public life, some of them are: Novak Djokovic, world number one tennis player ; Jose Mujica, ex president of Uruguay; Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress, etc.

Ćevabdžinica “Kasaba” is located near the gate, on Mlada Bosna Street in Andrićgrad. The interior of the building corresponds to the external appearance and totally fits into the concept of Andrićgrad and there we will try traditional Bosnian meals.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Drina, it is best to sail in the tourist boats “Sonja” or “Zelenika” and strengthen into the fairy tale soul, which will give you a stunning view of the second largest canyon in Europe.

Our last stop is Dobrun monastery, also known as Kruševo, is located in the vivid mountainous area on the road from Belgrade to Užice, 12 km away from Višegrad, in the valley of the Rzav river. It is dedicated to the Dormition of the holy mother of God and was erected by župan Pribil and his sons Stefan and Petar in 1343. In its history the monastery was destroyed and reconstructed many times. In the rocks above the monastery there is a cave whose entrance area was closed with stone blocks. The monks lived there and would descend down to the monastery only during the big religious holidays.Within the complex of monastery there is a Museum of the First Serbian Upraising, The paintings gallery and a Museum of Dabro Bosnian Diocese of the Metropolitan.

After launch is transportation to Foca where the arrangement ends.


  • Two meals
  • Certificated guide
  • All transports during the arrangement by our vehicles
  • Guarded parking lot for your private vehicle
  • Accident insurance during the arrangement in amount of 1.00 € per person per day
  • Extra services upon request
  • All other expenses that have not anticipated by the programme.
  • Total tax: 1.00 €

Tour's Location

Tara rafting camp Encijan - Tara Canyon


Where is your camp located and how can I reach you?
We are located at a starting point for rafting, place is called Brštanovica.
GPS coordinates of the camp: Latitude: 43.321849 | Longitude: 18.960388
Tourists should come to Šćepan Polje, that is the official B&H – MNE border crossing.We own a parking lot, you can leave your car or RV there, It will be safe. We will pick you up at Šćepan Polje and transport you to our camp. If you are in Foča, you can come to our agency, located in Krajiška 2. Agency is located in the city center, in a passage below the Mozzart restaurant.
Can we pay in cash after arrival?
You can pay with cash upon your arrival to our camp, that will not be a problem. Many passengers, backpackers and wanderers use this option because It is much easier.
What about water levels?
Depends, in May, water level is very high, so you will have to come prepared, physically. In June and July, water levels are medium, so you don’t have to worry, It will not be hard, you can even bring kids. August and September- water level is low, perfect for family rafting.
Do I need previous experience?
You do not need to have previous experience, our skippers will brief you on everything that you need to know.
Is rafting dangerous?
Basically, like in every other adventure, it is a bit dangerous, but we take all precautionary measures and focus on your security. So do not worry too much and enjoy your vacation.
There aren't enough of us to fill a boat, now what?
You will be on a boat with other tourists. When the number of passengers reaches eight, we will assign a skipper and you are ready to go.
I have a GoPro/Camera, can I bring it with me?
You are ALLOWED to use your own GoPro and other cameras. You will not be charged, there are no fees.
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